Human life is multifaceted – a mosaic of relationships, interactions and
responsibilities. A mosaic which today is all packed into our
smartphones in an indistinguishable mesh.

Magis allows you to untangle the unified nature of the smartphone,
creating an abstraction layer between the personal and the public.

Lior Naveh

Co-Founder & CEO
Lior Naveh is a serial entrepreneur. Before co-founding MAGIS, he co-founded Wave Guard Technologies – a startup turning cellular networks’ big data into valuable real-time insights, as well as DGS Measurements, which specialized in environmental protection.


Tzachi Zack

Co-Founder & CTO
Tzachi Zack is a telecommunications expert who worked with and founded a number of telecom startups including DSPC (sold to Intel) and Voco, in the past 17 years. His unique professional expertise led Zack to an insight that the evolution of the phone has been confined in the best decade to processing speed and minor features. This was when he came with the idea to add a fourth dimension to the smartphone and co-founded MAGIS. Most of Tzachi’s professional life was spent in the Cellular and communications domain, from chip and modem design to cellular certification.


Udi Doenyas

Co-Founder & VP R&D
Udi Doenyas is one of the tech industry’s most intriguing cyber security experts and entrepreneurs. Udi co-founded and worked for some of the world’s most cutting-edge internet and mobile security companies, including Cyota (sold to RSA), GiantSteps (sold to BATAM), and INTACT secured phone. Udi is a board member and adviser for start-ups and organizations, including one of Israel’s first and most legendary startups – the Kibbutz – a collective community combining socialism and enterprise.