Patent pending (US62/461,256) technology, based on the full virtualization
of smartphone, with new Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) virtual numbers,
allowing users to make and receive calls and SMSs, utilizing route
communication to their existing telephone lines, without requiring multiple
physical SIM cards.


Patent pending (US62/559,678) , a method to create a pre-defined virtual mobile phone profile environments.

The World’s 1st Virtual Smartphone Platform (VSP)
The VSP technology creates two smartphones housed within a single device,
complete with two separate telephone numbers and a complete separation between
the interfaces, content and applications of each of the two phones.

Using Magis virtual smartphone technology, users add a second (or more)
“smartphone” (environment and phone line) within their one physical device.
This is done automatically without the need for switching SIMs or other
manual process.



Once Magis is deployed on the end user’s phone, it unfolds into a fully functional smartphone, complete with its own phone number, workspace, and apps. The result is two smartphones working in parallel on a single device.

  • Magis VSP allows you to brand, customize and configure the parallel smartphone
  • Cloud backup ensures that your virtual phone can’t break, go missing, or get stolen
  • Create a separate and secure contact list. Transfer only contacts you want to be there
  • Download apps into a separate and secure environment
  • You can install the same app twice (2XFacebook, 2XWhatsApp, 2XClash of Clan…)
  • Use the private camera. Photos will be saved into a secured and separated folder
  • Choose a second phone number from many countries at different price ranges
  • Text messages and files are encrypted and sandboxed to ensure total privacy
  • Instantly switch between your two phones while they run simultaneously
  • Search Engine is incognito and private by default